The first street legal bike by CAKE

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, today unveils the Kalk& (and).

The first street legal bike by CAKE

The Kalk platform expands with Kalk& (and), an all-electric street legal motorcycle, engineered for the outback & allowed for your daily commute. Today the Kalk& (and) makes its debut at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver, Colorado. The bike will be street legal within the United States & EU.

Specs, final price and availability will be revealed at the sales launch in late March 2019. The pre order will be 200 USD or EUR, the currency depending on the customer’s delivery address.

Engineered from scratch, the Kalk& (and) is ultra lightweight with unprecedented reliability and durability, offering industry-leading performance and countless riding possibilities.

“Explore & commute, trail & street, clean & silent. The benefits of the dual usability, combining sustainable and efficient commuting with backcountry exploration, are endless. Bringing a high performance, electric off-road bike to the market, and making it street legal, is an important step for us at CAKE, inspiring people towards zero emission, combining responsibility and excitement. It’s the perfect commuter tool, while serving its users with thrill and fun, during weekends and vacations,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

The Kalk& (and), the street legal sibling of its off-road precursor, the Kalk OR, may look similar on the outside, but does have a few developments on the inside. Just like CAKE’s first bike, the Kalk& (and) is also strongly influenced by downhill and enduro mountain bikes, in both the feel and handling, and its design takes into account the two sports’ geometry, suspension and components. However, its gearing differs slightly and top speeds have been enhanced, beyond 100kph, in accordance with highway pacing.

Each component of the Kalk& (and) had to be developed from scratch to support the category, since mountain bike parts are too weak and motorbike parts are too heavy. Every part of the Kalk& (and), including rolling chassis – frame, cockpit, wheels and tires – components, suspension and drive train, was engineered, designed and manufactured for optimal performance.

As with CAKE’s premier product, the name Kalk is derived directly from kalksten, the limestone bedrock of the Swedish island of Gotland, where CAKE’s test grounds are located. The addition of the & (and) signifies the next phase in the evolution of the Kalk. Engineered for both the outback & allowed for your daily commute, the Kalk& (and) offers customers the best of both worlds.

Following its debut in Denver, the Kalk& (and) will head to Munich, to be featured at ISPO in the beginning of February.