CAKEworks evolves

CAKE's cross-scientific sustainability formation, welcomes two new members:Mia Hesselgren, from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology).
Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear.

Mia Hesselgrens long experience in design and communication, together with her academic research regarding sustainable lifestyles and related fields, is opening doors towards new and highly relevant fields of research and innovation.

Eva Karlsson who is running a team committed to changing perspectives on apparel and gear in manufacturing use and deconstruction or reuse, is a forerunner, in her quest of minimizing footprint.

”Their perspectives and competence will influence and accelerate our work at CAKE, supporting our mission, to speed up the journey towards a zero emission society, combining excitement with responsibility.”

Says: Stefan Ytterborn, CAKE´s CEO & Founder

Leading the formation, Mr.Niclas Ihrén, Head of CAKEworks throws two quick questions to the new members for immediate response:

Mia, what is the most important perspective you bring with you from your research, that we can apply in CAKE?

Mia: I believe the transitions to more sustainable futures require investments and engagements at many different levels in society. Cake as an entrepreneurial player with strategic brand building knowledge has potential in changing market dynamics. In my research, I investigate how design can be used as a strategic resource in sustainability transitions. Transportation is one of the key areas where extensive changes are needed to transform the current system based on unsustainable fossil fuel driven cars to sustainable mobility solutions. In my mind, light electric vehicles, such as Cake's, together with mobility services such as car pools, can play important roles in this transition.

Eva, your growth journey with Houdini is really impressive, yet you have stayed true to your core values. How can we learn from that in CAKEworks?

Eva: I find that building an innovation culture where your core values function as keel and rudder is key. It brings "a common sense” into decision making in the most complex of processes, safeguarding clarity, speed, and direction. Considering the transformative character of what CAKE is aiming to achieve/create, I believe this paired with a systemic approach will allow us to embrace complexity and design responsible solutions beyond today’s standards.

“Eva and Mia are two highly professional people, who I deeply respect for their insights, their passion and their strong commitment to change. They come from different but complementary angles, and will both be very important for CAKEworks and our continued journey towards a zero emission society.”

Concludes Niclas Ihrén, Head of CAKEworks.