CAKE Unveils Ösa: The Next Electric On-and-Off Road Capable Utility Motorcycle in the CAKE Lineup

(Milan, Italy – November 5, 2019)

The electric motorcycle brand launches its second platform, a clean and efficient utility vehicle with an integrated power station and off-road capabilities

CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, today unveils the Ösa. Apart from being a light, clean and quiet electric motorcycle, the Ösa is derived from the diversity of work and differentiated needs of the customer, while simultaneously serving a new means of transportation to accelerate toward a zero emission future.

Heavily influenced by the workbench, the Ösa design features a large gray bar extending out from underneath the seat. This uni-bar, modular clamp-on, the system serves as the heart of the Ösa, allowing users to attach baskets, bags, tools and more to create over 1,000 different possible configurations.

“To avoid an environmental meltdown, there is an obligation to change that is shared by everyone. Transportation is one of the more evident changes. We’re seeing combustion vehicles being replaced by electric, gasoline and diesel are being banned, and cars will soon be excluded from the urban landscape. The Ösa is our next offering -- it provides a viable platform for that change as it so capably meets the diverse needs and priorities of our customers,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

While designing the Ösa, CAKE found that the variety of work and commuting in today’s society has never been greater. What to bring and what to carry varies greatly between the office worker and the craftsman, and the roads toward the destination include highways and trails and everything in between. CAKE’s solution was to build an electric and modular utility commuter vehicle with off-road capabilities and an integrated power station.

Thanks to the powerful battery with multiple outlets, the Ösa doubles as a power station on wheels, enabling the rider to be completely independent, off-the-grid. Whether that’s a carpenter charging power tools to build a cabin, or a DJ hosting an impromptu concert in the forest, the possibilities are endless. In town, the package delivery service or the pizza delivery guy may execute clean last-mile deliveries in cities around the world.

This is Ösa.

Specs, final price and availability dates will be listed on CAKE’s website.

About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish company that develops uncompromising high performance electric off-road motorbikes. CAKE’s mission is to inspire towards a zero-emission society, combining excitement with responsibility. All components are made from scratch to optimize the riding performance in this new category. Every little detail is elaborated for perfection, while considering the perspectives of sustainability.

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