CAKE Launches Solar Panel Charging

CAKE partners with Swedish energy company Utellus for the next step toward a zero emission society

The Swedish manufacturer of lightweight electric off-road performance motorcycles, today announced its partnership with Swedish all-green electricity provider Utellus to create solar installations specifically designed to charge CAKE’s electric motorcycles. The CAKE Solar Power Charging System, has been engineered and attuned to serve the need for charging an electric CAKE motorcycle without consuming commercially, non renewable and at times doubtfully produced electricity. CAKE notes that only one fourth of the electricity generated globally comes from renewable sources, meaning that the world still primarily runs on coal, oil and natural gas. Even CAKE’s home country, Sweden, who usually serve as a role model for other countries, only gets about half of its electricity from renewable sources.

Three configurations of solar panel packages have been created for the CAKE riders. The smallest version produces enough electricity to charge one bike, every day over its lifetime, and the larger ones to also cover part of the households total usage – creating less need to buy electricity from the grid.

Utellus has led the process of building this part of the CAKE ecosystem by optimizing efficiency, developing a LEGO-like system and choosing the best components in terms of design, peak technology and performance. The collaboration with Utellus is initially a Sweden-only service and offer, however CAKE is exploring the possibilities to serve all markets with similar offers.

“It’s amazing to be a part of the new energy era and clean tech development,” says Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and founder of CAKE. “To be able to serve users with clean, silent and light electric vehicles discovering the back country, on par with charging solutions, in this case solar power, making the riding self sufficient and emission free, is a dream come true,” he adds. “It’s somewhat incomprehensible.”
“What CAKE aims to do to the motorbike-scene is inspiring and we are profoundly proud if we can make the riders understand the connection between what they power their bikes with and the impact that choice has on the environment,” says Stina Yones CEO of Utellus. “We are only in the beginning of the journey that is e-mobility and renewable power, and I can’t wait to see where the road takes us.”
“The cooperation between CAKE and Utellus is an insightful step towards a circular ecosystem for the product, and the energy for the battery is the first step,” says Niclas Ihren, head of CAKEworks. “This is a bold approach today, but will probably be state-of-the-art very soon, and something taken for granted in the future. Of course, this gives yet another advantage to CAKE, compared to traditional motorcycles.”