CAKE Kalk Winner of The Grand Award Of Design 2018

“It’s a true honor being awarded the Grand Award Of Design, and to be recognized by a highly experienced jury for the brand’s competitiveness in design.”

Just as a piece of music or a play needs its partiture or manuscript, design needs its conducting and direction, its musicians and actors, and its tools, stage, props and scenography. Every bit contributes to a cohesive end result in-line with defined intentions. Apart from internal objectives and direction, 2D and 3D design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and material and construction specialists at the CAKE offices in Stockholm and Taichung, the brand also considered external resources in engineering, CAD, and surface design, as well as compliant and vivid manufacturers.

Altogether, 13 different stakeholders were responsible for the level of success in design.

"A true team effort. Thank You All!”
Says: Stefan Ytterborn Founder & CEO CAKE

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On The Grand Award Of Design

Design is a key to competitiveness and profitability. This is why Teknikföretagen’s Grand Award of Design has been established as an institution. The significance of design in terms of ensuring competitiveness and profitability was behind the establishment of the Grand Award of Design, which the employer organization, Teknikföretagen, launched in 2003. The annual award is presented in partnership with the Swedish Industrial Design Foundation and the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design (Svensk Form) to draw attention to commercial successes that have been facilitated by integrated and consistent design efforts.