CAKE Kalk covers Gestaltens new book; THE CURRENT


"Instant acceleration, no noise, no grease and no pollution. The Current features the most radical vehicles and pioneers of the electric revolution.
Fast. Silent. Radical. And wildly fun. The future of vehicles is looking bright. Cutting edge design, vigorous acceleration and post fossil energy are a green utopia within reach. The new wave of electric motorcycles, bicycles, and hybrids drives our way into sustainability while enhancing all the fun.
The Current: New Wheels for the Post-Petrol Age explores this shift towards eco-friendly riding by profiling the pioneers in the field. Engineering and custom design, classic brands, and new projects, two or three wheelers but also cars: this book is the roadmap to driving now and driving differently. The future of mobility is electric – it could be our most thrilling ride yet!"
Writes: Gestalten

"CAKE is overwhelmed to be on the cover. The book is the first one by a major publisher on the subject, truly inspiring towards the zero emission society!"
Says: Stefan Ytterborn, CEO & Founder of CAKE

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