CAKE, the Swedish manufacturer of lightweight, premium electric motorcycles, today announced a significant partnership in Thailand with Stallions Motor (STL Group Holdings Co., Ltd), a leading motorcycle dealer and manufacturer. The agreement marks substantial contract signing, leveraging Stallions Motor's half-century of experience and robust network encompassing manufacturing, distribution, sales, and branding, which has served notable motorcycle brands over the years.

"The partnership with Stallions Motor, known for their commitment, experience and quality, represents our shared vision for a zero emission future," Ytterborn adds.

Accelerating further and in line with ongoing expansion in North American and European cities, this deal signifies the next step in CAKE's distribution strategy for the Asian market.
"Our venture into Thailand, a key electric two-wheeler market, is a pivotal moment," says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.
"The partnership with Stallions Motor, known for their commitment, experience and quality, represents our shared vision for a zero emission future" Ytterborn adds.

"While the electric motorcycle business is a new venture for STL Group, we hold immense respect for CAKE's ambition, unique product design, and its sustainable business model. With CAKE joining our brand portfolio, we genuinely believe that Stallions Motor can offer more diverse value and experience to the Thai motorcycle market. We are excited to join the CAKE family and explore this new business frontier alongside CAKE," says Thirachet Lapjaturapit, CEO of STL Group.

In contrast to CAKE’s direct-to-user model implemented for Europe and North America, Asia will be developed on a partner basis, in collaboration with premium operators. Further partnerships for other Asian markets will be announced throughout the year.

About Stallions

Established in 2009 in Bangkok, Stallions Motor has upheld its commitment to delivering quality motorcycles and mopeds to the Thai market. Its substantial 22,400 square meter facility, formerly owned by Kawasaki, is testament to Stallions Motor's capabilities in assembling, distributing, and selling top-tier motorcycle brands such as Honda and Yamaha. Today, Stallions Motor continues to strive for excellence and innovation in the motor industry while championing customer satisfaction.

About CAKE

CAKE is a Swedish manufacturer of premium lightweight, electric motorcycles and mopeds, with a clear mission to inspire a zero-emission society by combining excitement with responsibility. The model range currently consists of three different platforms - the versatile offroader Kalk, the modular utility bike Ösa, and the urban commuter Makka. Thanks to an extensive range of accessories and configurations, CAKE is addressing a broad matrix of users and applications, including commercial use for last-mile delivery and other short-haul urban transportation. Recognized for its design and innovative approach to mobility and other societal challenges, CAKE was identified as one of the world's most innovative companies by Fast Company in both 2020 and 2021, and received the Time Magazine 100 most important inventions award in 2021.

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